Monday, March 06, 2006


I love the clouds in this shot. Lovely pattern.

Thank you to everyone who bought Muse. It really did help things out.

Thank you for the lovely review, Jean! I am worried about the typos you found, though. Now I fear I sent Holly the wrong copy. Or, just as likely, the stress during the time drove me nuts and I just missed too much. The good thing is that with electronic publications it's very easy to correct mistakes. I just need to know where they are.

Russ starts teaching classes in Omaha on the 13th. He'll have two classes a week for a while, and he's hoping to get more. If this keeps up long enough, I'll be able to go down and go to the zoo while he teaches. That would be wonderful! Yeah, the job is 100 miles away, but he'll be able to stay down there some nights when he has classes two days in a row, and that will help, too, given the gas prices.

And Russ says that we're going to the zoo on my birthday. I'm waiting for the world to end before now and then, so you're warned. But he says he's going with me this time. I got a nice little royalty check the other day that will pay for the trip and a small card for my camera. The people who owe Russ money supposedly cut the check today. It could be here tomorrow, but I'm betting late Wednesday or Thursday... but knowing it is on the way means we can spend the other money. We probably shouldn't, but quite honestly, I need some small fun stuff right now.

Temps are supposed to be up in the 40's, and it may rain in the afternoon, but that's okay. I've gone to the zoo in far worse weather than that. In fact the best day I ever went was during a major snow storm. There couldn't have been more than 100 people (not counting the employees) who were there. It was wonderful to walk from the snow to the desert, out into the snow, and into the jungle. (grin)

I hope things go well.

I've just started my second year working with Daz and I finally learned how to do reflections! Yay! I'm really happy about that... there are some pictures I'd love to do. I need to work on bump maps now. I would like to get good enough to do occasional cover art -- more than I do now. I think the cover to Muse turned out to be very good, though. And I really like the cover to Illuminated Manuscripts as well.

Vita's Vengeance slowed down during the the work with Vision, but I'm ready to pick it up again. And I have the outline for a short novel to start on my birthday. It's called Return. I've technically done the first chapter for the class, but I'm going to rewrite it a bit.

So, yes, things are slipping back to normal. I will do my best to be in a better mood and not go all odd again. (grin)

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the help and the support. And those two novels and short story are about to go out, too -- so wish them luck. Posted by Picasa


Jean said...

Zette, I'll seee if I can pinpoint them and send them your way.

Anonymous said...

Much good luck wishes to you, and Happy Birthday, too!