Thursday, March 23, 2006

Winter melts away

I am starting out today at page 417 of the damned... ummmm... of the 2YN book. It's really very close to done, but there's going to be some tough work in the last 150 pages. I don't know how much I will get done a day, but I won't have it done by Saturday.

No problem. I am giving myself until April 15th. I still have a bunch of outside things to do for it -- Table of Contents (may have Word generate that one), bibliography, intro note and cover art.

Really, though, it's almost there. And it's only grown by about 20,000 words. So far.

Russ is in Omaha today and he may spend the night. I'm picking up the house and trying to get stuff organized and catch up on my email, which has fallen a few days behind again. My fault this time -- I keep falling into the 2YN book and not paying enough attention to everything else.

I did have to go in yesterday and do a lot of upkeep/changes on FM, though. We kept getting hit by spam, so I reset the forums so that you have to be a member to post on them. There were a few that were still public, but there was no reason for it if all it's going to get us is 20-30 spams that have to be deleted.

March Madness starts Saturday. I think I'll still take part, but in a less than totally crazed way. Just get some work done on Return, which I think will be a fun book to write. I could use that kind of fun. Once I get the 2YN book finished, I'll be throwing myself back into 'real' writing again. (grin) I plan on the second 2YN book being out in about four to six months. I need more time for part two because it's going to be harder to organize. I have moved things from late in year 2 to middle of year 1, and I need exercises for everything. It shouldn't be as long as the first book, though. I'm thinking about 90k.

So, yes... time to stop talking about it and doing it.

And time to print out two short stories for submission, too! Posted by Picasa

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