Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snow, snow, snow

Yes, we do have a lot of snow. It'll be gone in a day or two, but what an incredible storm! We got lucky that there was no wind with it, or we'd have had six foot drifts like they had in South Dakota.

I am up to page 321 in the 2YN book. About 240 to go. It's actually going better again, but that's going to end soon. I am about to hit spots where I'm going to be doing more than adding just a few hundred words, and that's going to slow me down again.

But still.... not bad. I'm having fun with it, even though I would just really really like to be done about now. I don't have much left, though, so I'm thinking good thoughts and hoping that I don't get slowed up too much when I hit the harder part again.

I had an odd day, email wise. I had two letters from teachers -- one asking about an article of mind to use in a class, and another asking for permission to use some of the zoo pictures for her grade school science material. That's kind of amusing, when you think about it. Posted by Picasa

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