Thursday, March 23, 2006


Just a quick post to say that at 9 pm I crossed the 500 page mark on the 2YN book. I'm very happy about this. I have less than 100 pages to go now, although I expect the book to be over 600 pages when I finish the intro, bibliography and whatever else I intend to add in.

But I can actually see the end. I'm on week 40 out of 52.

Russ isn't home and I'm not sure if he will be tonight. We have it planned that he'll stay down there, but he might not be able to reach a computer connection to let me know. And no, I don't have a phone. We couldn't afford one in both houses, and it's far more important that he have one for business. And, quite honestly, I find phones intrusive. If you want to reach me, email. I get to it eventually. (grin)

Anyway, all is well here. Getting more done than I expected to. I'm going to stop soon, in fact, and work on the zoo pictures. I have some wonderful new ones and I want to get the site updated as soon as I can. That means having the pictures ready to go up!

I'm not getting many warnings about bandwidth now.

I expect that the ones for FM will start hitting pretty soon, though! Posted by Picasa

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