Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Go buy Muse

The books Russ sold were just the start of trying to find anything we can sell to make some quick money. Comic books went next and even part of the DVD collection followed. We were able to get enough to pay utilities and the car license. Barely.

This means that we don't have money for gas (which would have been handy since someone in Kansas City wanted to see Russ on Friday about a training position). Russ will have about $50 on Friday and maybe another $20 on Saturday, though that one is iffy.

I can't pay my Internet bill, of course. Or for my site on where I house Vision. Or pay for Vision articles for that matter. I took the last of my blood pressure meds yesterday (and I'd already dropped one of those weeks ago and hoped for the best). I'm hoping to get enough money to buy some cheap cat food to keep the guys going. Russ and I can eat cheap and that's all right. We just have to have the utilities to be able to cook the stuff. The cats really don't care about that. (grin)

To say that things are not going well is kind of an understatement.

We have not yet sold the camera. It is going to be the very last thing to go.

The odd thing is that I still have faith we'll pull out of this pretty soon. But if I do just disappear for a while, you'll know why!

In the mean time, go buy Muse. It's a fun story. You'll like it. And it gives me some income to look forward to. Besides, I like to think the writing should count for something. If I get enough money I can even send off those two books and short story... though I don't know. That would be a waste of the money, and I don't know if I can do it.

Fret, fret, fret. No, no. Must not fret.

Okay, things are not great -- but they're not horrible. We still have the house and the cats. Russ has a ton of applications out and if he could get just a couple local trainings again, we'd pull through for a couple more weeks. There are places that owe him money, but he's called one at least once a week and gotten the 'oh yeah, we'll get that out to you this Friday' runaround for over a month now. And this isn't a small company -- it's a place that can afford to pay him and aren't. Those are the annoying ones. Or the place that told him they would pay X amont per article he wrote on some events and wanted two or three per event -- and as soon as it came to pay him, said no, they were only going to pay the X amount per event, no matter how many articles he wrote. This is the part that's driving us nuts because it's not like Russ hasn't been doing the work, it's just that people are screwing around with the payments. Posted by Picasa


Dawn Firelight said...

Hang on there Zette! Try your best not to let off your medicines if you can help it, but if you think you need to please speak to your doctor, don't stop abruptly. If it's any cheer to you, I just bought Muse, am really looking forward to reading it. I'm sure it'll be great and I'm sure things will get better soon!

Kellie said...

Just bought Muse and HTCB by clicking your affiliate link. Figured I could help you out a couple ways there.

I'm sending happy financial vibes your way!

Carter said...

Check out RxAssist.

If you don't have insurance, the pharmaceutical companies almost all have programs to get you your meds free or dirt cheap. Be smart, not proud.

Zoe said...

I will obey :) I was planning to buy it in the next few days anyway; I might as well go ahead and get it.

Zette said...

Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy Muse. It was a different book for me to write, but Holly seems to think I did fine. At least she didn't threaten to beat me over the head with my own manuscript. Yes, she had done that in the past. I have the note. In her own handwriting.

Jean said...

And after you buy Muse, read it. What a great story! Pacing is great. Humor is great. Things are going massively wrong, and people are working through lots of different things happening. You really don't want to miss this story--especially if you're a writer. I think this book has special appeal to writers.