Friday, March 31, 2006

Forward Motion...

FM has gone over bandwidth tonight. We'll be having troubles all day (March 31st) until it resets for April. Just so some of you are warned if you happen by here.

It's not a surprise. We're getting a lot of hits lately, and a good many new poeple who are checking out the site and wandering from place to place, soaking up as much as they can. I hope by the end of next month to have the bandwidth problem better in hand, though.

The first step is going to be to get rid of the bios, like I said. Then I'll look at some of the other stuff and decide how much new bandwidth I can afford to buy.

So, go write for a while. We'll be back soon. Posted by Picasa


Alphabeter said...

Its my doing. I've been posting the FM main link all over as I've been talking about the 2YN.

Next, I'll actually get around to posting the few weeks I'm behind. Or am I just foolin'?!

Oh wait, that's tomorrow.

But not in my universe? Well, thats the story I'm using!

Lisa Cohen said...

What a fantastic photo, zette! Makes me want to reach out and pet him. Here kitty. . .