Monday, March 13, 2006


May I say at this point that if I never look at another 2YN class it will be too soon?

Okay, so I'm having some trouble editing these things into a book form. There is a lot of things -- like html coding -- that has to be stripped out. There are references to the boards and posting that has to be removed. Introductions for each section, a better order for the classes, and assignments and examples for ones that I stopped doing once people began working independently.

I have been fluttering around the first 14 classes now for days, as well as moving, rearranging, regrouping, and rewriting later material.

I hope to have this done by the end of the month. I think I can do it. It's coming together, finally.

But I am going to be really tired of this stuff by the time I'm done. I want to go write some fiction!


Right now I'm back again to Week 7, and about 70 pages into the material. This should be the last time I have to go through this first fourteen classes, though, so I'm feeling better. I have just kept changing orders, formatting and such.

I'm doing a lot of Daz and photography stuff on the side, too. This is keeping me sane. Oh, maybe sane isn't the word I'm looking for, right? Well, it's keeping me from running screaming into the night. That and the fact that it's cold out there -- we have snow again.

The entire wrong day for it, too. Russ drives to Omaha in a few hours to teach classes. So of course we've had an ice storm and snow.

You know, running screaming out into the night keeps sounding better again.... Posted by Picasa