Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I think I have the 2YN book mostly finished. I'm working on the bibliography. I need to work on a couple notes for it, and then go in and cut down some of the examples. If I'm lucky, I can get it down to under 130k.

And yes, this is just year one, though year two won't be nearly as long.

I'd be done already except that as I was finishing up last night my computer started making 'you know, it's getting kind of crowded in here' sounds, so I've spent the rest of last night and most of today copying and clearing files. Pictures! Pictures everywhere!

I need to do more work on Return today, too, though I'm actually so pleased with the 2YN thing that I don't care if I'm not doing well in March Madness. Chances are that I'll have the book done and turned in by the 1st. That was a lot of work!

I have not worked much on the zoo site for obvious reasons -- the lack of hard drive space and the need to get the 2YN stuff finished. I might be going to the zoo around April 7th, and I'd like to have most of the work caught up by then so I know if there's anything in particular that I want a picture of this time.

Russ should be home today. I haven't had an email saying he won't be, so I'm kind of expecting him soon. I could be wrong.

We have spring, by the way. Snow is gone, dog is out on her chain and quite happy barking at the birds.

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