Sunday, March 16, 2003

When I took the dog out tonight about 8pm, I could hear geese in the sky, though I couldn't spot them. It's warmed up. It's still 50f here, at 2 in the morning. Spring may finally really be on the way. Good. I want to see the nice birds again, and take walks at dawn before I go to bed. I need those walks. This has been a long and illness-filled winter for me, and I want to get back to where I at least feel half alive.

Today was pdf/pda Vision day, and that took all my time. I'm going to do a little writing tonight, and then go watch something. Or do some more research for The First Open Door, which is still going very well.

You know... I think I'm going to make an Access File to type my notecards into, and let it sort them. Hmmm... that might be fun. Since Russ does a lot of work with Access, I can probably get him to help me out with some of the more esoteric stuff.

And I can count it all for writing tonight and tomorrow, since I really do need to get these cards typed up and organized.

Well, this sounds like more fun than I expected for tonight... Especially after the hours and hours it took me to get Vision done!

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