Monday, March 17, 2003

102 entries into my database for the novel... I would likely have about 150, but I combined a number of them. Now I'm going to off to take a bath, finish a book on Egyptian Mythology, watch something, and then get to bed. If I get the book done, tomorrow it will be Noah Adam's Far Appalachia for reading -- a little north of the area I want to cover, but I'm looking for the 'feel' of the area, and this really seems to have it. It's also relatively short. Then... A book on the Great Smoky Mountains that's full of pictures, climate info, plants, wildlife... I might actually skip doing notes from that one, and just keep it on hand while I write to fill in some of the 'background' info.

I also have a story I must edit and get out in the next few days. I hope it won't be too hard to do.

But right now... work on getting the Egyptian book read and out of the way!

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