Friday, March 14, 2003

I'm trying to get Those Who Seek Sanctuary done before I start the new novel on the 25th. This seems to be going well enough, even if my fingers have decided to forget how to type sometimes. I'm getting there.

I am also going to give several on-line classes at Forward Motion. These are going to be non-chat and therefore accessible to people who couldn't get to the chat classes at the times they were given. I think they'll also help for me. Chat with a lot of people and scrolling screens going crazy gives me a headache. I love doing the classes... I just needed to find a way to do them that worked for others and me. I think I'm working out the pattern of how it will be laid out. Looks good so far. I'll be starting one in the next couple days.

In the mean time... the temp here is 64 right now. Amazing. I walked outside to get the mail and didn't want to come back in. That's very rare for me.

Looks like thunderstorms tomorrow! And the next two days... followed by snow.

Ah, spring. Almost...

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