Monday, March 17, 2003

Well, I took care of quite a few things yesterday, but too little of them related to writing. This week I am turning over to research, note taking, and preparing for the new novel. That's right. I might work on Those Who Seek Sanctuary every now and then, but for the most part my writing for the next week will be worldbuilding and outlining. Then on the 25th I start the new novel.

Yes, I should try to get something else finished first. I hope Those Who Seek Sanctuary will actually catch me in those times when I'm tired of reading/researching/outlining. But I have five full books and another four or five partial ones to get through for the novel,a nd since I'm taking notes along with them, that means it will take me longer to read them. I hadn't realized how much I needed to get do and how little time I had until tonight, when we drove to Omaha so I could buy even more books for this.

But you know... I am having a great time of it. The First Open Door is really falling together, and I'm having a great time.

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