Thursday, August 31, 2006

Doing well

I'm just over 24,000 words today. I have Vision stuff to get done -- but it's a short issue, so that's fine. I've noticed that this issue is often short of articles, and I think it's the end-of-summer and back-to-school combination that makes it harder for people to write articles.

It's the last day of the month. Amazing. I wish I had a little more time here, but it's always like that, isn't it? I need to get Vision put together tonight. I have most of the material in hand now.

I have also just brought the huge laser printer from my office to the dining room. I think the cable is over at Russ's, so I'll need to get it, and probably down load a driver before it can work -- but I need to do some heavy-duty printing, and the ink jet won't stand up to that much work without costing a fortune in ink.

And that's it for today. Summer Storm is moving along quite nicely. My main character has just learned that he's not going crazy -- which makes the current situation much, much worse. (grin) Posted by Picasa


Gabriele C. said...

You're evil. :-)

Zette said...

This is a new observation for you? I thought everyone had figured that out by now!

E.Jim Shannon said...

Cool Sunset/rise.


Zette said...

cSunset. And it was lovely!