Sunday, August 27, 2006

Summer Storm -- Counting Down the Minutes

I've got less than an hour to go now. I did this quick 'fake cover' for the story, just for the fun of it. The guy looks too young, but it was fun to do anway. I don't have time to mess with him any more today. Maybe I'll do something better after the marathon.

My plan is to get in maybe two or three really good days of writing and then get back to work on other stuff. A few 5k days would be really nice again. I'm going to start with a couple thousand after midnight tonight -- providing I don't get too tired.

Oh, and the book used to be Sudden Storm, but now it's Summer Storm because I kept callilng it that -- and because the main character's name is Summerfield. So it fit. Sometimes you have to go with your feelings on it.

I'm tired. I don't want to be tired.

If I can get through the first couple scenes, I'll be really happy. Then I can sleep and hit it again tomorrow. I just want to have a nice start.

Only a few more minutes to go! Posted by Picasa

Hmmmm... wouldn't post. Thankfully, it was still here, though. I'll try to post again in a couple minutes.

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