Thursday, August 03, 2006


Okay, I'm taking things a bit calmer this month. I have been feeling far too stressed again and it's time to back up and remind myself of what I keep telling Moderators and copyeditors -- if we're behind on something, no one is going to die of it. Don't stress.

I'm not involved in anything that is going to cause major problems if it doesn't get done quite on time.

So, I'm slowing down. I've only written about 1000 words a day for the last couple days. I've been working on a bit of cover art for someone, and I think it's almost done. I have something fun coming in the mail tomorrow or the next day -- new things for my lovely little camera. I found quite a deal on ebay the other day, and though I shouldn't have spent the money... I did. And I'm glad. I can't wait to try out the filters and stuff.

Russell got me a pedometer the other day because (a) it's obvious I need to walk more and (b) I can deal with numbers and make them work for me. Just like word count numbers -- if I can see a number I can push myself to make that number go higher. I think this is going to work, especially if the weather doesn't turn really bad again.

Zaphod just stuck his head in my water glass and started drinking. It's not like they don't have two water bowls of their own.

And yes, I got pictures.

It's 1:3o am, and I think I'm about ready to go to bed.

I might not even take my HP and edit in bed tonight. (grin) Posted by Picasa

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