Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Too many projects, too little time....

It's only a few days until Labor of Love -- a 3 day or 1 week writing challenge at FM, depending on how you approach it. We used to do just three days, but it was unfair to a lot of the members who couldn't take part on those particular three days. I've expanded it out to a week, and you can take the full week (like a somewhat sane person) or you can choose three days. The point is to write something new.

There is also Unfinished Business, which is the same week, and offers the choice to finish up something still hanging around the files instead.

I am going to try to do Labor of Love (LOL -- seems appropriate, somehow). I have a lovely new outline called The Servant Girl... but I may do Sudden Storm instead.

But... I have other things. Vision, of course. Getting it done and ready to go. The stuff for next month at FM. I have a couple pieces of work for DTF, though neither of them should be too difficult. Just time consuming, and I have no time.

I have one more thing I'm doing -- something that's fun for me, and I would like to get some time to approach it and do it right. The University of Michigan would like to use a good many of my zoo pictures on their Animal Diversity Website. I volunteered for this since I use their site a great deal. I have to get the pictures into a certain format and off to them, along with an Excel sheet of information on each pic. I can't wait to do this, but everything else keeps getting in the way!

At the moment, all my own writing has turned to outlines. I'm working on the Mirrors2 outline, and it's finally moving forward! I want to do . I have one nonfiction project all but done, just waiting for a piece to add in. I think I want to work up the outlilne for my abandoned 2YN novel. Yes, I abandoned it very early on when I realized (big surprise) that I just didn't have time.

I have more notes on it somewhere. I wonder if I can find them again.

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