Sunday, August 13, 2006



Ummmm... that's the sound one makes in utter and complete frustration when the car that was just fixed starts making odd noises in the morning and has a breakdown that night.

The good news is that it didn't do this when we took a 12o mile trip on Friday to see about a job for Russ. We were in town, we were able to get the car home, and though it made sounds similar to when it broke down on the Interstate, it was not the serpentine belt this time. We don't know what it was... but it's sitting in the driveway and Russ will talk to our nice repair people tomorrow.

But... argh. I want a break now.

Oh, and Russ hurt his leg and can barely walk. He looks miserable, poor guy.

I finished the current draft of Touched by the Wild. I have a bunch of notes that I want to add in.

But right now... just trying not to think about being annoyed is hard enough. Posted by Picasa

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