Thursday, August 03, 2006

Okay, we can use a break now....

Russ had to go to Omaha today to fill out a few more papers for a three month tech job. I went along -- not to go to the zoo this time, but to take a look at a couple spots in Omaha that I want to use in a story. It worked out well, especially since the one area I had thought of using was not the area I thought it was. Good to have that worked out!

We talked story and I'm all fired up about it now! I can't wait to start Sudden Storm.

On the way home we passed by a spot that had dozens of egrets in a nearly dried out pond. Russ went to the next exit and went back so I could get some pictures. Yay!

And half a hour later I heard an odd noise. Russ thought we drove over something. Then we heard it again, and a couple minutes later the car was way over-heated. We pull off.

The new belt he'd had put on yesterday in Omaha had shreded. Russ called the place and had words with them, especially since he'd talked to them about this, explaining that it had to be good because he's on the road so much. By the time he got done -- for all the good that did him -- the car had cooled down (even if he hadn't -- and it takes a lot to get Russ worked up!). We were about twenty miles from home on the Interestate. Not where we wanted to be at all. We knew there was a turn off to a town about a mile further on, so we drove that far and lucked out, because the guy at the little shop there was able to look. He even had a fan belt.

And that would have been great if the other belt had taken out several other things with it. There was nothing the guy could have done until at least Monday and probably longer.

So... we get back into the car and drive a bit farther on the Interstate and make it to a rest stop just 15 miles from home. Russ can't reach the tow company. He calls the guy he's supposed to teach class to tonight to cancel -- and he comes down and gets us.

Russ is now out with the tow truck picking up the car and getting it to our garage here in town, but even they said it would be days before they could do anything.

Russ was supposed to fly to New York this weekend on a job. Would have been nice, but no way he can get to Omaha to catch the flight. He might even have to cancel the class in Omaha next Wednesday. So more money we won't have when we obviously need it.

So, can we have that break now, because, really, we could use it.

On the good side, it was only 15 miles from home rather than say, 50. And we have the money to scrape together to get it towed.

If we hadn't gone back for the egrets, we likely would have made it all the way home, so I'm feeling very guilty about this, and the running around Omaha to look at places for me. It had been such a nice day, too. Posted by Picasa

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