Saturday, September 20, 2003

Today is odd so far. I have a story I would like to send somewhere. Unfortunately, it started out about 600 words too long. I have to get it down to 1500. I have 64 more words to cut.

I like this sort of editing, because it's not just cutting, but replacing other words with something that will still hold much of the original intent, but in fewer words. Good practice, really, for tighter writing.

Make that 44 words. I just thought of something that helped. 44 more words. I can cut that much.

Ah... 34 words.

Okay, 16 words. 8 pages. 2 words a page.

3 words to go...

1500 even. LOL.

From 44 to 0 took me about ten minutes. I'm going to cut a little bit more to give me some leeway for description. But right now... that was fun! I feel like I've actually accomplished something.

Next up will be the formating of Crystal. After I feed the sharks and do my daily attempt at taming three of them...

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