Sunday, September 14, 2003

I'm finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things the last couple days. I have lots to do, including a couple novels to look over for DDP.

Speaking of which, I think I'm going to start a new blog that deals with 'editorial' things. I might not keep it for long, but I think it might be fun to start one as I end my third year editing Vision and start my first year as an aquisitions editor. Two very different jobs.

That brings up something else. I started scanning some blogs at random. Normally I just read blogs/journals from Forward Motion. I think I'll be sticking to that. I'm sure all these children think it's cute to use their little shortcut words and never capitalize anything, etc. -- but as someone who truly works with words, it just makes me cringe trying to read them. I'm sure that just shows that they're not intended for someone like me, which is fine. Most people would not be interested in the discussions of writing, either.

In fact, writing about writing can be pretty boring. Oh look, I wrote another 1000 words in the last hour! And look, I've only got another 180 pages to edit! I'm sure even people who know me can start weeping with boredom after a while. Well, that's life -- or at least that's my life. (grin)

And on that note, I'm going to go do some web work and then get to some writing.

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