Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Russ has just left for New York. He won't be back until the 30th, which leaves me a lot of time to fill with... things. (Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. You three want to be nice indoor cats now, don't you?)

Yes, they have been in the house quite a bit, mostly at night. In the next fw days I'm going to get them used to being around me, so that every time I stand up they don't freak and leap for the window. After that, I'll eventually close the window and keep them in.

Russ says our vet is going to be thrilled...

Anyway, I have not really settled on an absolute project for this week. I should. Like get one of the other novels finished. That really might not be a bad idea. it would be good to have a lot of work to do. Otherwise I might go off and do something like... clean house. Russ was barely out the door and I had grabbed stuff to clean the bathtub. This could get serious if I'm not careful.

My other possible projects include getting a bunch of family photos scanned and organized. That's probably not a bad idea to work on, too. I just have to get the scanner hooked back up again.

Plenty to do over the next week, if I just settle down and decide on something. Cleaning my office seems like a good plan as well. I thin I especially need to get all the wires up and out of the way, since this is where I intend to keep the kittens for a few days after I let them in.

Okay. You know, all of the sudden I feel like I have a ton of work to do. This can't be right...

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