Monday, September 29, 2003

Three new friends...

I have them in the house. They are doing remarkably well -- better than me in some ways. They're stretched out and asleep right now, mostly in places I can't quite reach them.

My office is an absolute pit from having them in here. Food scattered everywhere, boxes stacked in odd places to keep them away from wires and such. I've taken down all my glass stuff. I thought the room should look better. It doesn't.

But we have calm today. No one has thrown themselves against the window this time.

I'm keeping them away from the older cats for a while. Russ will be home tomorrow, and we'll start looking at introductions then. I'm not doing it alone in case there is trouble.


Yeah, actually. Doing quite well. I have a short story about to be printed up and ready to go out tomorrow. Hope in Hell is about 1/4th of the way done, maybe more. I have outlines for three novels in hand, two of them mostly done. I have not finished the editing on Glory, but I did that on purpose. I feared I was going to try and rush it, rather than taking the time it needed. I'll have it done and out in October -- I think. We'll see.

October is looking like an odd month. I'll be doing synopsis, outlines... and not a lot of 'real' writing. Well, unless I take one of the three outlines and do a novel then. (grin)

At any rate, all is going well. The kittens are asleep. I think I'm going to go find some food for me, and then come back and do more work.

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