Thursday, September 04, 2003

An appropriate picture for some odd news:

...Double Dragon eBooks is responsible for the publication of eBook titles in a variety of genres. By far this is the largest division under the DDP umbrella with over 200 titles in eight different formats with a global distribution network that spans North American and the United Kingdom.

Acquisitions Editor (Fantasy, Science Fiction, SF)
Lazette Gifford

Yes. That would be me. The new fantasy and sf acquisitions editor for Double Dragon.

You can see it 'for real' on the DDP Staff Page.

We had been discussing this long before I took over the daily running of Forward Motion. And if I didn't have such a great Tech Team for that side of things, I wouldn't have taken this on since I would have been spending far too much time just trying to figure out the tech side of things, let alone running them. But as it is, Foward Motion is moving along quite well. The data access shows that we're already back up to where we were before the move as far as posts and access goes. We have lots of new things going on, and new boards for marathons, Back to School for Busy Writers, and lots more. It's been really fun!

Becoming the sf and fantasy Aquisitions Editor for DDP is starting me along a path I had wanted to go for a long time -- the publishing side of fiction. Three years at Vision has shown me that I didn't really want to try my hand at running a fiction ezine, though. And I certainly wasn't going to start an ebook publishing company. This, however, allows me to work within the framework of a larger company.

I am so looking forward to this!

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