Thursday, September 18, 2003

And the good news is... no more stupid emails! I had hoped pointing out that I could guess who it was would stop them. Either that or they backed off when they realized how stupid it looked when presented in my journal. But we're past all that now, and no one has posted anything bad at FM. Yay!

I got two signed contracts in the mail today from two different publishers. I have something coming out in a print anthology next month, another ebook coming out soon, a story in an ebook anthology that is doing very well at Fictionwise,

People in the path of the hurricane are reporting in on how things are going. It sounds troublesome, but not too dangerous, I'm glad to see. Weather here has taken a decidedly colder turn, too. A couple days ago we were in the 90's. Now it's 51 and going to be down in the 30's tonight. I've just kicked the house's heat on to get the system cleared out of dust while Russ is out of the house. I think he'll be happier for it, since he kept his jacket on the entire time he was here this afternoon.

And I am finally going to get back to focusing on writing.

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