Friday, September 19, 2003

I did a ton of site stuff today, fixing up a few more pages with bad links and such. I'm just about ready to sit down and write for a bit... but I think I had better feed the sharks... ummm cats... first.

I have not done the formatting on Crystal yet today, but it's up next in the list of things to do. And then I get to write again! Yay!

In my work for the site I put a notice on the rules about respecting moderators and not using their notices as a starting point for debate. You know I would have thought this one was obvious, but so many people have said 'but it doesn't say we have to listen to them!' that I decided I might as well write it up. It makes me feel like I'm dealing with kindergartners, and I know most of the people at the site are not that dense -- but now I can point to the rule and say it's written. Stop arguing. (grin)

I really don't think that's a rule that should have to be explained, and I don't think it's a rule that most members of the site need. They are adults -- but whenever there's been trouble that needed stopped, the moderators were the ones that came under attack for one reason or another. Maybe it doesn't hurt to remind people that they are volunteers and should be shown a little respect, even when you disagree. After all, they aren't getting anything else out of this work.

And I also reminded people that moderators have been removed from their post for misuse of power. I know some people won't always agree with what constitutes misuse. But still, it has happened. A moderator's action can, and has been, questioned -- It's just not proper to do it in open debate on the boards.

But I'm glad things are calm there and we're getting back to normal. I may make my word count this month after all.

Oh, have to start setting things up for the next dare, too! I think I'll look at reworkign it a bit. I already told Mar I would give some definite numbers to some of the dare sections, rather than a relative to number of weeks count. That seems wise.

Sharks are starting for my toes. I guess I better go feed them now! and this will be day two of luring the little ones in, so it's not just simple work this time. Off I go!

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