Thursday, September 25, 2003

I love that egret picture.

I had planned to get up today and just write for the entire day. Write, write, write... don't worry about anything else at all. See how much of A Hope in Hell I could get done.

Just one small problem.

I didn't get up.

Oh, I was up twice checking on things. But each time the bed called me back. I slept a lot. I feel better for it, so I can't complain too much. But it's now 5pm and I haven't written anything. I think, in fact, that I'm going to go find something to eat, and plan to start writing about 6pm. Not that I really need a starting time, but it will help me get going here. Otherwise... I might just go back to bed.

A Hope in Hell is the last book of the Dark Staff series. That means I will have written all eight first drafts in two years, plus turned in four of them in final drafts. #3 will be out soon, in fact.

I do intend to rewrite Eliora's World (#5) yet again. I think I finally got the idea I've been looking for, too. It should be interesting to rework. I'm not doing that until next year, though, I think. Unless, of course, December comes up empty.

I also had a great idea for a new book today. Sleep apparently helps. I'm going to write up the idea and some of the plot. I think this one could be interesting, and fun, to work with.

But right now... find some food, I think! And get the outline for A Hope in Hell ready.

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