Sunday, December 23, 2001

With Blood of the Clan completed, I had a couple options for finishing out my night. I could do nothing. I could watch TV. I could read... which almost won out. (I'm reading Pascal's Provincial Letters, and it's fascinating...)

Or I could work on the next issue of Vision.

Which I did. I have about 1/3rd of it done, and it's going together very well. I need some info off the Forward Motion Boards, which are down at the moment, so I'm calling it quits for the night now. Well, not quite quits. I want to set up a few of the pages for the pdf version as well, but that will only take a few minutes. And then I'm going to read more out of th Folio Society's Christmas Book, which they put out last year. I had planned on having that one done by Christmas, but then the new books came in... I shouldn't let myself get side tracked like that.

4:30 AM. Time to do this stuff and get to bed!

But it has been a good day as far as work is concerned.

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