Sunday, December 16, 2001

Well, kitten stompers.

I am having a horrible time just settling in and writing today. And now I'm tired! It's rather funny after my note of this afternoon.

The trouble hasn't been that I don't want to write today. I really would like to have another good day. But I did have real life things to get done. Russ will be home tonight, and you know... I like to have the place a little neat! And I did more notes on the new story that, if you didn't see in the two other places posted, is already sold.

And I'm really having a good time with it, too. It's Blood of the Clan and based in a gaming universe. I've never seriously written for something like this before.

I'm also trying to get at least 500 words done on While the Gods Sleep so that I can get it done and out of the way before the end of the year.

You know something a little worrisome? Even with these two pieces and another I'm thinking about writing, I fear that I'm going to run out of stories to write before the end of the year. This would bring me up against two problems: (1)I have not missed a single day of writing in about two decades, and (2) I always finish everything by the end of the year. So... I would have to come up with things to write that are short enough that they don't run over. In case you haven't noticed, short isn't one of my best traits...

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