Wednesday, December 19, 2001

I had a good run of writing last night. My ending count was 9826, with a total of 4274 new words on the story. Yes, the story has gotten out of hand. Yes, I will be editing it back into something reasonable.

The cards are working very well. I even sat down and wrote out a few for While the Gods Sleep and I think I'll be able to move ahead on it too.

I think I need to find a set of these card dividers with numbers on them. Yeah. That way I can do novels by chapter. Ooooh... I like that idea....

Now, I still need a plot for next year's first story...

Ah well, still a few days to go before I have to throw myself into anything that drastic, right? And in the mean time, I'm almost up the main part of the story now. Did I mention that it's already over 9,000 words long...?

Off to do some work!

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