Saturday, December 22, 2001

I'm waiting for Russ to get home, and we will decorate the tree tonight, finally. It's nice to have it sitting in here, of course, but decorated would be so much better.

We had our first snow today. Not enough to really cover all the grass, but still better than that dead brown that was everywhere before this. The outdoor cats are... startled. My new coat is good, by the way. Prior to this I wore only my levi jacket out. Amazing how much warmer a real one is. Need gloves, though. My fingers got cold and my hands still hurt.

On the 20th I only did 503 words on Blood of the Clan and 1511 yesterday. I am right down to the finaly scenes, and for some reason slowed down -- that doesn't happen to me very often. I might have them written tonight, and then I get to try and figure out how to cut this beast back to a reasonable size. I can think of one subplot that can go if I need to, but I think I'll talk to the editor before I do anything that drastic. (grin)

But I am going to get to work.

Russ should be back soon. That wil stop me from having to actually work, right?

Starting count: 14,092

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