Sunday, December 23, 2001

I did some shopping today. Not much, and I basically only bought presents for the kittys and dog. I wanted to buy something for Russ, but I could't get rid of him. (grin) We bought stuff or Christmas Dinner (which is not much for just the two of us), and we just generally had a good day. It feels like it should be hours later than it is.

Forward Motion is still down. I feel sorry for the poor people trying to fix this. I know how annoyed I used to get when Russ had to work on the holiday-times that everyone else had off, and I imagine that some of them have families they'd rather be with as well. I hope they get done soon and get to spend All of tomorrow and Christmas Day with their people, even if it's not a holiday they celebrate.

I need to start back to work on While the Gods Sleep. I managed to write out some notes for it, and I think I can at least get it moving aways again. I'm not worried about word counts -- I've already managed over 40,000 this month, so even if I dropped down to 100 words a day, I'd be fine. (grin) Not that something like that is likely to happen.

I did some nice work on Vision last night as well.

But now I'm going to go watch some Man from UNCLE!

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