Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Almost there....

That's Edmond Black Kitty in front and Zaphod's Just a Cat behind. They're out where I now have my desk set up. I moved out into the dining room to get a change of view and to help with the cooling cost this year, since it means we only have to run the one air conditioner. I've turned the guys loose out here, too, which they seem to enjoy -- though the older cats are still abit worried about these little black streaks that race from one end of the house to the other.

Last night I finished the rewrite of Vita's Vengeance. I'm doing some clean up on it today. It's much better than I expected, and I'm actually pretty happy with it.

I'm also very happy to be done with it. It's gone well.

This was going to be my year to get a number of things out -- but finances put a stop to that one. I have continued to work on the material, though, believing that I'll get a chance to get it into submission. I've had to make allowances for the fact that things cannot always go out, and mark them as submitted on my list, even if they aren't quite out the door. As long as they're done and ready to go, I've counted it as gone. It just sometimes takes a few weeks longer to actually get them in the mail.

I've also had to do some odd submissions, but they've worked out for me. The 2YN book is very nearly ready. There will be a print version of it too. And there will soon be a print version of Muse, if Russ can get the time to help me put it together. And thanks again to Jean who has done a wonderful job of catching problems in both of those books and making me look like a professional.

What I don't seem to have, even still, is time to get everything done. Or the concentration part. May was a rough month, but I got the work done that I needed to -- mostly.

Russ has a job interview tomorrow in Omaha. Depending on how I feel, I might go to the zoo again. There is a specific picture I want to get, and it's time sensitive -- the little bird will be out of the nest before too much longer. I might just go for a couple hours and hang around in that area, seeing what I can catch.

I am putting together a new zoo website. That's been my reward for having survived May without being too depressed. Well, you know, you can't be too depressed if you have kittens running around, right? Posted by Picasa

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Jean said...

Oh, such wildly different expressions on the guys!

You're welcome. Glad I could help.

Good luck with the interview, Russ! I hope you get the picture, Zette.