Saturday, June 03, 2006

So this is June?

Okay, yes, it's barely 2 and half days into the month, and I'm already behind. This is a shock or something? I am trying to get caught up but I've already been hit with enough odd stuff this month that I can see it's going to be a really tough month to get through.

I have several projects near completion. I have all the edits for the 2YN book in hand. I have the PDF version of Muse done and just about ready to go to lulu for a print copy. I'm still trying to get through the Vita's Vengeance clean up, but I had to put it aside for a couple days to get some other things done. I plan to get back to it tomorrow.I have to start work on Vision, too. I think I already have a headache just thinking about it. It's going to be a long month.I have put up a Help AbsoluteWrite link on the FM site. It's a shame to see a site that has offered that much help go down to rudeness and incompetence. I've had to deal with a few of the rude ones from time to time, though luckily nothing as serious as this, and most of the time it's been through emails, so that's not so bad. I can't even imagine what I would do under the circumstances that have occurred with AbsoluteWrite.

Anyway, I just got the county work done, so I think that's about it for me for the night. I've an ongoing list of things to do that still has about 17 items on it -- it grows by about 1/3rd every day. At that rate it's going to be a monster by the end of the month, no matter how hard I work.

Oh, and the babies are seven weeks old now. It's gone so fast! Posted by Picasa

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