Thursday, May 04, 2006


My lilacs did well this year, despite having several parts of the bushes ripped out last year during two vicious storms. It helped that we have had a lot of rain, and despite cold temperatures, not really much in the freezing range.

I've finished my first SAD story for the May challenge at FM. I should have had it done on day 2, but work caught up with me again. I've just started story # 2 with no clue at all where it's going.

Vita's Vengeance is going very well, though. I hope to have it done in the next couple weeks. Then I think I'll go on to Badlands and maybe to Rat Pirates afterwards.

I don't know. I haven't gotten that far.

But now... it's time to go feed the kittens. Posted by Picasa


Jean said...

Ahhhhh. Lilacs. I miss them. We had lovely lilacs when I lived in Iowa.

The kittens are looking great. Snatch some rest whenever you can!

cherylp said...

Love the lilacs. The ones here in KC have already bloomed and gone. The iris are out in full force, though.

The kittens are looking fat and sassy. Take care of yourself!

Zette said...

Sometimes when we go to the Rocky Mountains in June, the lilacs there are just starting to bloom. Obviously it's the colder weather that delays them. I think we're lucky to have any at all this year.

The kittens are doing fine, but I'm having a hard time getting any good pictures of them!