Sunday, May 28, 2006

Not a bad weekend

Yes, I would have preferred to go to the convention, but it just wasn't possible. I did go to the zoo on Friday and then Russ took me to De Soto Wildlife Refuge on Saturday. Both were fun, of course.

I am very nearly done with Vita's Vengeance. So close, in fact, that I wonder why I keep doing anything but work on it.

Part of the problem is that I'm preparing to move the computer out to the dining room. This is for a couple reasons. First -- I just need a change of scenery. I've found myself less enthused about sitting down to work, and I know from experience that changing things around a bit will help.

Second, it means we won't have to put the second air conditioner up this year, and we can save on bills. I think the two reasons are pretty good.

The problem will be the Internet connection, and the fact that I'll be working on a table, rather than my desk -- which would be too much of a hassle to move out. Besides, it would just make it feel like I'm in the office still.

The guys are six weeks old. They went to the vet and had their first shots. He said they're wonderfully healthy and he is really impressed. They were apparently very good little kittens, too.

Okay, time to go do some more writing work. It would be nice to have this book done soon! Posted by Picasa


cherylp said...

Missed you at the con this year. Didn't seem the same without you there. I won the "Amateur: Horror" section of the Story in a Bag, but it kinda falls flat when I think about how you didn't get the chance to participate.

Zette said...

Congratulations! That's great news!

I wish we could have made it down, but we turned out to have even less money than we expected. Next year will be better (living on the expectation that it can't be worse.... lol)