Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sleepy Zaphod

The guys had been playing in the office for a couple hours and they got tired out. When Russ came home I just handed him the camera. (grin) And yes, they are getting bigger! But they're still cute little things!

And no, I didn't get much work done that way.

I've spent most of today doing one of two things -- trying to get caught up on stuff that I need done, and cleaning bits of the house. I made the first sort through on the pictures from the zoo, at least.

I did a little bit of writing, but mostly it spent the time getting caught up on other things and answering emails. And chasing raccoons out of the yard. It's spring. They always show up in the evenings.

I'm kind of tired tonight. Not really a 'go to sleep' tired, but more of a 'worn out, no energy and I don't want to do anything' kind of tired. Kind of like that kitten tired, I guess. I just look at that picture and I want to go crawl off somewhere and stretch out for a while. (grin)

Not the most exciting day... but a day can't be all bad when you have kittens fall asleep in your arms like that. Posted by Picasa


E.Jim Shannon said...

Darn those racoons.

I love the kittens. Reminds me of Sparky and Sporty my wife and got 2 years ago. My old guy 14 years now is still with me, and Silky is still here at almost 10 years. When I get batteries for my camera I'll post some pic of them on my blog.

Cats are great aren't they? I love em.


Jean said...

How come Zaphod gets all the snuggles and picture time. You're not neglecting the other poor fellow, are you? (Of course, I know you're not, but Zaphod does seem to be hogging the posted pictures)

I'm glad they're both doing well.