Thursday, March 03, 2005

Slow work....

I'm taking things slowly for the next few days. Sort of a birthday gift to me because February was way too hectic. I might go as far as the tenth before I really leap back into work on anything, site, DTF or writing. Oh sure, I'm doing a little bit of writing every day, but it's mostly been odd stuff. I'm creating more myths for my future book, for instance. Doing a few pages on Kinship, though I hope that one picks up a little. Editing Farstep Station as well.

But mostly, I'm relaxing. Sleeping far more than usual, and quite content with that right now. I can't remember the last time it felt so good just to stretch out in bed and relax. (Yawn)

In other news:

A few people have turned up at FM who haven't been around for quite a while, some of them just looking for a calm place to discuss writing again. If you are interested in the site and focusing on writing (even if just for a short while each day -- I don't expect people to live at FM!), then you are more than welcome back (with a couple exceptions -- and I don't expect them to want to return anyway). All I ask is that you leave the problems from elsewhere off of FM, and don't bring up past problems either. Most of the people at FM have no idea what happened when I took over the site, and I don't see any reason to recreate the situation. It's past, the site is still what it was then and if that suits you better now then it did a year and a half ago, then give it a try. Just as back then, I don't expect anyone to give up belonging to other sites. We're just there if that sort of focus suits you right now.

FM is still the site it was, and the rules still apply -- but some of you now know why we have those rules. It's not an attempt to run others' lives or tell anyone what to believe or how to live. It's just to make sure that everyone has a spot they can come to where it doesn't matter what else is going on in the world, they can still concentrate on writing.

Of course it still won't work for many people who left, but if you want to come by you're welcome to stop by and join in the fun again.

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