Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dalight... ACK!

Alligator People

Today I am experimenting in 'life in the real world' stuff. I'm up in the morning, and actually after having slept through part of the darkness. This is a rare occasion for me.

It's bright out there. And not particularly pleasant looking. My cats are very much confused. And I'm hungry.

I'm also starting in the work on the Illuminated Manuscripts material. I'm still looking for more stories. Here's the link:

It's odd trying to work during the daylight. There are far more distractions than at night. I can hear (and see) birds outside, which makes me want to grab the camera every couple minutes. Russ is home (though next door), and I keep getting up to go talk to him about one thing or another. I have managed to stop myself each time since I know he's working.

I can see the house more clearly. I've already started cleaning. (grin)

But mostly I keep looking at the clock and wondering why it's not closer to noon and lunch time. I feel like I'm back working a day job. This just is not going to work out well.


Jeri said...

I absolutely love that picture! I never knew that's what alligators did *under* water while they were waiting for prey. Not sure what I expected - floating, maybe? This pic absolutely looks like you captured it - like Alligator People. Slightly creepy. Brilliant.

Zette said...

That was an incredibly hard picture to get. It's taken me about four different trips and close to 100 shots to get one where the balance of light between top and bottom worked out. It's a very dark area (Kingdoms of the Night at the Henry Doorly Zoo) and there's almsot always water splashed up on the window making it hard to get a good focus. The focus has to be done in the near dark, and basically you just hope you have it right and keep adjusting with each shot.

So yeah, I'm happy with that picture. (grin)