Thursday, March 24, 2005

My new schedule, starting in April

I really have to get control of all the things I'm involved in. I keep finding myself up against a 'oh yeah, that stuff!' wall. So, starting in April I'm going to have a daily schedule that dedicates more time to my writing (and not just the minimum word count I do each day), and spreads the rest of the material out over the rest of the week. This doesn't meant that I won't do some of it on other days if I have to (things come up, after all), but that certain days will just be dedicated to certain areas of my life.

When I started putting this schedule together, it really didn't look so bad. FM, DTF, Vision -- listing them like that doesn't look so bad. But there's so much work to each one that they're taking over my life. Interfering with my writing! NO!

Monday -- DTF readings, acceptances and rejections (This allows me all weekend to read at my leisure and prepare for this work.)

Tuesday -- Zette Writing, Estand

Wednesday -- Zette Writing, FM

Thursday -- Zette Writing, DTF Marketing

Friday -- FM (2YN, B2S, any other projects that need to be updated or changed)

Saturday -- Zette Writing

Sunday -- Vision, photography

I'll write every day, of course. I always do. But certain days are going to be dedicated just to writing. I've started getting too much 'work' going on, and then I feel guilty about not getting other things done -- I need better control.

So why am I not starting this in the last week of March? Because March Madness starts tomorrow, and even though I don't think I'm going to get much written, I still want to leap in and do what I can. And that means not looking at a schedule and thinking about the other things I should be doing.

Am I going to stick to this schedule? Maybe for a while. It's hard to say how effective any of this will be without giving it a try. But that won't start until about April 1.


Shadawyn said...

That's a really good idea, Zette! I hope it works out for you!

Holly said...

Fingers crossed, hoping for the best. And sympathies on the workload.

Zette said...

The odd thing is that I have the time, I just don't use it wisely. If I can make myself stick to a schedule -- always a trick with me when it comes to anything but writing -- then I have a chance.