Saturday, March 05, 2005

I gave myself a present

In the Woods

That's the small version of the picture. The larger version can be found here (click on the picture to get the larger version).

This is my birthday present to myself -- a lovely little free program that allows me to do all kinds of odd things. You can find it here: The program is Daz Studio. I recommend it for anyone who ever thought they would like to do something artistic but don't have the ability to draw. I downloaded the program yesterday. This was my second attempt at a picture. I did a 'print screen' of the rendered picture and took it over to my beloved Corel Photo Paint and added the glowing balls.

The Daz people have all kinds of neat things for sale at the site. I went there looking for Bryce which I have always lusted after. I still badly want that one too, as well as a lot of the fun little additions that you can buy at the site. I was considering Bryce for my birthday, but it doesn't look likely.

Ah well, it would probably be far too distracting. Though it helped today. I had lost my voice this morning (better now), and had that general 'yuck' feeling for part of the day. I did a good amount of writing on the next class and then I just threw myself into this.

It was a lot of fun.

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