Saturday, March 12, 2005

Maybe it's just my day/week for odd email

Yesterday I got something through the DTF email system asking how much we charged to publish someone's work. That's not an uncommon question, unfortunately. I answered and when I explained that we don't take payment from the author, but that we look for material we think will sell, and then the author gets paid out of the profits, I recieved a rather strange reply:

I will never trust a publisher who says they'll take my work for free. You get what you pay for, and obviously anyone who says they work for free are trying to scam me and others. I'm reporting your business.

Well, this is a new approach. I wonder to whom she's reporting us, and what the reaction will be when they explain about publishing and self-publishing.

Very odd.


Ellen said...

Eek! Someone needs to send her to Preditors & Editors.

Zette said...

Good idea! I'll do that right now, for all the good it will do. Sometimes people are just set in their ways. (Not that I would know about that part....)