Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Changes today. First, Maynard took a great leap out the window and is now outside, wandering around and apparently having a great time. I keep calling to him, but he's running around with his tail up. He's chased off one cat so far.

I rather hope he decides that he doesn't like it out after dark and comes back when I feed the others. Silly cat.

The other change is in my main web site: http://lazette.net

I don't know how long I'll stay with this version. It was interesting to put together and helped pass the time while my finger healed since it didn't require much typing. (The injury was a cut -- nothing drastic but right where I hit it on the keys and was just annoying me too much to do more than my minimum amount of writing. And, all in all, I think it did me good to get away from the 'work' side of things for a couple days.

I'm back to it tonight, though, with the second DTF book about to be turned over for final production. The first one should be out tonight or tomorrow.

I, in the mean time, am just trying to get a few more things done. I've been up forever, it seems. Maybe a nap would not be such a bad thing right now.

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Ellen said...

Some of the pages line up perfectly for me (e.g. bibliography, the TOC, novels) and others go outside the bounds into the black, making them hard to read (e.g. about me, essays). I'm not sure if that's on my side or your side, but I thought I ought to comment and let you know. I'm using Firefox 1.0 on Windows XP.