Friday, March 04, 2005

I will get this done....

I had intended to have this draft of Farstep Station done before my birthday (the 8th), but there has been so many other things slowing me up that I'm farther behind than I should be, even without that goal.

Tonight I'm sitting here wrapped up in a blanket, drinking tea (sometimes) and trying to convince myself that I really don't feel miserable. I have Farstep open and I'm back on page 97 again, trying to make this section flow properly. I still need to cut about 5-8k, but I have over half the novel left still to go through, so I'm still not worried about that part. I'm just worried about getting anything done at all.

No. I'm good with goals. I'm just miserable with this on-going cold that's been lingering for weeks, and the fact that I can't concentrate. But okay. I'm going to get at least 20 pages before I go crawl back into bed again. (That's not so bad. I've slept so much the last two days that I'd just toss and turn and keep Russ awake right now, so I might as well be doing something productive.

Oh and I just found a HUGE plot hole. Good to catch it here. It just means changing the time frame of when one group showed interest in the station. Not a problem. Amazing that the time factor just slipped past me until that moment.

Okay. I'm on page 97 (52,359) at 2:15AM. Let's see where I am in an hour.


Valerie Comer said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, Zette. But I'm glad you could take a good whack at that story. Congrats!

Eponin said...

Zette, Have you wandered to the doctor's to make sure you haven't picked up a sinus infection or anything like that? The lingering cold I had through half of Dec. and all of Jan turned out to be that. Once I got the antibiotics, I got better rather quickly :)

Feel better soon!