Friday, March 11, 2005

Other thoughts

Well, I've written nearly a thousand words more and put in a query to a publisher. Amazing how that adrenaline will get you going!

I think I may have missed my point (not surprising, since it happens so often with me) about posts, links, reading other journals, etc.

I expect that if I say things that people agree with or take exception to, that they will comment on it. They may or may not put links to the weblog in it. They may not say it is me. It's the idea of what's been said, quite often, that has the emotional resonance (for good or bad) that gets people talking. I find certain attitudes annoying. I'm sure people find mine annoying as well. It's expected. We are obviously not all on the same wavelength.

I think one of the most important aspects of blog/journal reading is that we can each disagree in our own place and have our says, and no one can tell us no. I don't do it often, but sometimes an attitude or a statement gets a reaction from me. Others do the same. It's part of how we define who we are; not just our actions but our reactions.

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