Friday, March 11, 2005

Good Writing Night!

Frog Fish

Ah yes. That's better. 4298 for the day on Dancer. I thought this novel should move if I gave it a chance. Looks like it's going to run between 90 and 120k, which is a good number. I had a bit of trouble off the start, then took it back one more step and the story fell into place better. I can't say the opening is really right -- are they ever? -- but it did get me moving. Yay! I hadn't expected it, to be honest. Nice change of pace tonight. Put me in a better mood, too.

I have 40 chapters outlined for this book. Some of them will be very short pieces. I wonder how fast I could write this book if I really put myself to the work. If I didn't have other things, I might get it done in ten days or so. Somehow I suspect that will not be the case.

Mainly because I have the final version of the first DTF novel in my hands. I'm making the last clean up of the format. I need to talk to Deron about the cover. I think the author and I both had about the same idea, so that's cool. It's going to be great to have the first book out!

Beyond that.... hmmm. A note on the previous posts. If someone has an odd sense of humor they ought to be willing to accept the same in another person. Personally, my friends and I often make jokes about angsty wannabe writers who will do anything but write. I don't expect that most people would get the jokes, but it's sometimes funny. Sometimes not as funny as we think they are, but hey -- that's the nature of humor, right?

Should I have commented on a blog I was not going to link to? Why not? Is it against some blog/journal law that you have to link to everything you comment on? I have a personal opinion that if I don't agree with someone I can say why, but I don't have to include a link to something that I don't like. Maybe that's silly, but I figure people either know what I'm talking about, or get the point with my comments anyway and will agree or disagree with what I'm saying. If they don't know what I'm talking about, their not going to care much anyway. I rarely point to something I find distasteful or annoying, but I may write how I feel about it. After all, this blog is about me. LOL

So why do I read some of the other stuff? Sometimes because the person is interesting. I don't have to agree with what she's saying. In at least three cases, I am amused by the on-going antics that seem to be leading from one disaster to another, and the people remain totally oblivious. In others there is often something interesting and writing related posted, and I'm fascinated by the way in which others work.

They're all great character studies because people do often put a lot of themselves into the notes, even when they don't always realize it. It's amazing what you can find for characters if you just scan a lot of blogs. And, of course, for everyone you read the wider your knowledge of the world becomes. We all live in our little shells of some sort. I read blogs that transend boundaries and age groups, as does anyone who reads even a half dozen blogs.

Sometimes I even comment on them, for good or bad. That's part of my personality. So get used ot it or move on. It's not going to affect your life, or mine, one way or another. We will all still have our opinions on things we read and post them. What you do on your end is your own business. What I post here is mine.

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