Wednesday, September 01, 2004

And a new month!

Let's see.... last month ended with 140,048 words. I also got Vision done and up and a edited and sold three short stories for Double Dragons $1 downloads (or free if you buy the book they are assoicated with:

Year of the Fire Rat (Free with Aubreyan)

Raven (Free with Brendan's Song)

Unlikely Companions (Free with Crystal and the Stars)

The last one originally appeared in a Eggplant Production's 'Winter Sampler' back in 2000. It even got a very nice little note in a review back then. I did a little bit of editing this time around. It's fun to see the things I've learned even in that time.

But anyway, here we are in September already! Autumn, my favorite time of the year...

But hold on. We had a very cool summer, over all. Lots of nights where it dropped down into the 40's and days in the 70's and 80's. Amazing weather, and nothing to complain about in general. It's made me wonder what the fall months will be like, and what kind of winter we'll have this year.

So imagine my surprise when I find the first day of September is over 90.

Something is not right.

I think I'll go throw myself into one of my imaginary worlds for a while where I can at least understand the weather.

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