Thursday, September 09, 2004


That's actually bad back. Much better tonight than in the last 36 hours. I can actually move from one room to another, and sit in this chair for long enough to get something done.

I'm within a few thousand words of finishing Paid in Blood and Gold which makes this all the more annoying. And the house, which I had just started to get cleaned up, is a pit again. Argh!

But I'll get it all back soon. A couple more days and my back should have subsided to an occaisonal twinge rather than this annoyance. And not everything has been a waste, of course. Tonight I figured out a major problem with an upcoming novel and talke dit out with Russ. I'm glad to have that one settled because I could not get past the third chapter in the outline. Very annoying. But I found the problem over pizza tonight and felt much better afterwards.

And I think I'm going to tough it out and finish off Paid in Blood and Gold tonight. I need to clear a novel off the list because I just found a chance for another one, and I want to get it done and ready to go out. Ada Nish Pura suddenly just made a dashing leap to the front of the line because it sounds to me like just what this publisher is looking for. That means some serious fast work here on it.

Ah, the writing life.

Some day it's even going to pay off. (grin)

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