Thursday, September 30, 2004


I've just printed out my schedule for October. Should a person really need a schedule for running their life? Well, at any rate, it's got 18 things listed and we'll see how many of them I get done each day. The top ones are a given -- walking, writing, editing. By #4 we start getting into the iffy stuff for a while -- Outline, 2YN, FM Vision DT -- but then we hit Journal, which I haven't missed since October 1, 1998. (The other journal, not this one) so that seems like something I'm likely to get up. After that everything starts looking less likely to get done again. LOL

What else? Got a list of panels from the convention in November. I need to choose a few.

I had things to say before I got here, but it's not happening now. I think my brain goes to mush every time I open the window to do my weblog. I was thinking about things to write about all day -- writing related, life related, cats.

Oh! I do have a new interview up:

And now I'm going to post before this goes any later!

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