Thursday, September 16, 2004

An Excellent Writing Day

I had one of those wonderful writing days that a person could wish would not end. Two stories sold for the DDP $1 downloads. Over 5000 words on one novel and over 50 pages edited on the other. I did some work on the 2YN class, got a set of pages done for FM and did some design work for the DT site.

I am also reading Prometheus Bound (translation by G.M. Cookson). It's a short work, and part of a larger reading project, and... it gave me an idea for a story. Well, I suppose that's not surprising. I get ideas for stories just about everywhere. But I would have thought this would be a fantasy story, but instead I found something sf-ish in it. I'm going to jot it down in the handy 'idea' list and see if anything else comes of it.

But now it's late and I really do need to get some sleep. I'm hoping to have nearly as good a day tomorrow.

But 4 am is late enough for me tonight!

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