Sunday, September 12, 2004

Thank You

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes! I'm still a bit stunned. Day two as an Associate Publisher has set me thinking about all kinds of things. I get to set up this imprint in anyway I want. I'm going to have a website, submission tracking, and lots of info on what I am looking for, as well as a newsletter....

I obviously have a lot of work ahead of me. I've pulled out my schedule and begun reworking my priorities. Well, all but the top one, of course. I will never take a job that has a higher priority than my own writing. I'm just crazed that way.

Which reminds me, Ada Nish Pura is going along fine. The second chapter had way too many melodramatic scenes, but I think I've gotten that bit of overwrought excitement handled. I should have been on the third chapter today, but this one took more work than I expected. Several rewrites before I got it toned down and still conveyed the feel of someone lost at sea, alone, and suddenly given hope.

I'm just about done with the edit of the short story Stalking, too. This one goes to DDP tonight, I hope. And then... one more after that, if all goes well. And it's gone will so far, so I'm happy enough.

But busy. Very busy!

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